My Boston Terrier, Loki (full name Loki Throatpuncher Underfoot) has had big bulging eyes most of his life. The last few years he’s damaged the left a few times, and the right isn’t working as well as it used to. He’s a bit dopey and walks into things. He’s also lost almost all of what used to be incredible hearing.  Last week his left eye got infected and he was in significant pain. After a visit to the (wonderful) Central Park Animal Hospital he got some antibiotics, pain medicine, and an embarrassing cone.

The infection cleared up, but today his eye got worse and after another vet visit we’ve been told they’ll have to perform surgery to remove his damaged eye.


The surgery will cost $700. The two visits so far total $350, and I’m sure there’ll be follow-up expenses, and money has been incredibly tight all year. (I’m still looking for work! Need someone who needs WordPress help?)

A lot of you have loved seeing Loki online or (for the lucky ones) in-person, or hear him snore in the background of our podcast. Many of you would really want to help him out. Right now, that’s exactly what he (and we) need.

We’re asking for any amount to help out with Loki’s vet bills. I’ll keep this page updated with both costs and total donations. Those who’d like to help out in ways other than PayPal, please email me to work that out.

Total donated so far: $1365 !!!

Update: In less than one day you’ve more than covered Loki’s immediate vet bills! Thank you so much for this everyone, it’s taken something incredibly frightening for us and made it much easier on all of me, Sasja, and Loki.

Sasja and I have discussed this and if there’s any money left over after this procedure we’ll donate the remainder to someone else online raising money to help their pet.

Today’s the day of the operation. Loki’s in pain from his damaged eye, and on top of that doesn’t get breakfast (because of upcoming surgery) so he’s not doing well. Sasja’s giving him lots of hugs.

I’ve removed the donation link. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO DONATED!

Below is our little trooper, holding up pretty well, but obviously in some pain. Those who helped out may make “Odin’s price for wisdom” jokes at their leisure.

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