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Bookmarkable Responsive RPG Character Sheet - featured image

Bookmarkable Responsive Character Sheet

An update to my post about the Tales from the Loop Responsive Character Sheet — I took the code I developed for that and turned it into a GitHub repository called “Sheet”, and added a bunch more features, including the ability to store the sheet’s data up into the URI — the “address” of the sheet.

This means you can “save” your character by simply bookmarking the sheet after hitting “Save”, allowing you to re-open that exact character any time you’d like by opening the bookmark.

I’ve created basic sheets for several games I’ve been playing/interested in:

Webmaster - @joefulgham's Spidersona

My example character, with art by the super-talented Siggy “The Sigularity” Sigmond is “The Webmaster“, my Spidersona.

I’m really proud of this tool — it lets you carry all your characters in your pocket, no app or login required. Due to the max size of a URI (2038 characters right now) there’s a limit on complexity/content, and there are no auto-calculations done so it works best with simple, low-complexity games.

If you know how to code HTML forms and assign them CSS IDs, you can use this for whatever game you’d like. Simple instructions are up on the GitHub repository.

Now… who’s up for some roleplaying games?