Hi, I’m Joe Fulgham. I live in Burnaby, BC, Canada with my Boston Terrier Loki and I’m a host of the Caustic Soda Podcast. We release a weekly show on the science, history and pop culture aspects of the weird, gross, and disturbing. Reviews have been embarrassingly positive and I love doing it.

To pay my bills I help people and businesses get on the Internet and maintain a healthy presence there. I use WordPress and customize existing themes for most clients. I can hand-code if needed, but it rarely is these days. What I do is handle it properly for you. Email me if you’d like my help getting a web site online or an existing one improved.

I’ve got several other side projects in the “talk is cheap” phase. Stay tuned to see if I can actually release something!

In the meantime, follow my rants and public over-sharing over social media!